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Woodcarving Museum in Tourtoulous

  • Woodcarving Museum in Tourtoulous

‚ÄčAt the old forge which is currently being used as an exhibition hall after its restoration, displayed the artwork of the popular artist Manolis Th. Perakis- Chalkias (1910-2006). Chalkias, after having subdued iron material as a blacksmith an impressive piece of his work is the handmade quintal, "kandari" (a traditional scale) - he also tried to express himself artisticly working on raw wood material for 35 whole years (from 1971 till his death). 
Inspired by nature, Manolis Th. Perakis- Chalkias created various realistic, as well as imaginary shapes. The main raw materials he used were the natural wood of medlar tree (despolia), mandarin tree, orange tree, olive tree, pear tree etc. Some of the artist's favourite topics are: portraits (Christ's, Virgin Mary's), busts of political persons (Eleftherios Venizelos), ornamented useful things, musical instruments (the lyre and the violin), incomprehensible animal complexes, monstrous birds and supernatural reptiles. 
All he created, using his imagination, became true as he engraved wood. Naturalness, simplicity and uniqueness dominate upon his craftwork. Chalkia's handmade artistry is based on traditional tools such as hack hammers, chisels, saws and sharpeners. When artist's hands "talk" we can do nothing more than remain silent enjoying his work.

  • Address: Ag. Georgio