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Yacht Club Sitia

  • Yacht Club Sitia
  • Yacht Club Sitia
  • Yacht Club Sitia
  • Yacht Club Sitia

The Nautical Club Sitia was created in 1994 by a group of motivated and creative people who want to promote in our city not only sports related to the sea, but also the concepts of volunteerism, ecology and social solidarity.

This vision does not ever goes away. So in addition to our sporting activity that now has the primary purpose of promoting water sports for children, we also have many other activities such as the creation of lifeguard school, cleaning the beaches and harbor, seminars for safe diving and generally made the greatest effort that the enjoyment of the sea be made ​​with knowledge, prudence and respect.

The main goal of course is always the children. We believe we have a duty to pass on our love for the sea and to supply them with the necessary " tools " not only for safe and fun activity of their free time and also for their entire life. Working with teammates , the noble amila, the ability to make quick decisions under pressure, the development of ecological consciousness, are just some of the profits made .