Sitia discover the authentic Crete

Sitia's hot and dry climate, with 300 days of sunshine annually, mild winters, cool summers and an average temperature of 20,76 C, is the ideal year-round vacation destination.

  • experience
    the Cretan hospitality

    The visitor who seeks to know and understand the real Crete, can trace here the eternal roots of the particular behavior and presence that survived in Sitia because of the generous nature, the creative blending of some great civilizations and its geographical self-existence.

  • explore
    its Historyand Culture

    A trip to Sitia is no less that a pilgrimade to the fountain of civilization! The minoan civiliation is known to be the first high level civilization in Europe.

  • enjoy
    its sunny and sandy beaches

    All over the area ofSitia, there are numerous beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. Some beaches are isolated, ideal for some relaxed solitude. Others are full of people, well-organized and blue flag accredited.

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Crete's charming outback

Crete is truly beautiful and proud from one end to the other, from Gramvousa in the north west to the Blue Monastery in the north east. Each of the island's corners is diverse with its distinct beauty, unique character and identity, making every place a unique one. Incarnating the ancient legend of Erotokritos and his young lover Aretousa, Sitia is the gentle face of Crete. It smiles, sings and talks to every visitor.


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