Itanos Tours


​Throughout the years we've experienced that many tourists visited the beautiful island of Crete without actually seeing or experiencing the unique beauty Crete offers. We would like to show you the real Crete, the Extra Virgin Crete with its people, traditions and customs that have their roots many centuries back and you will be sharing it with them.

The places that "have to be seen" and to show you that there are hotels and other lodging-possibilities not yet affected by mass-tourism! But our main goal would probably be, to try and show you how to enjoy and experience that typical Cretan atmosphere.

We are a family that lived on Crete for many generations, for ever; we are the "aboriginals". After working in tourism for many years, and have been tourists across the world, we would like to present you Crete in a unique way.

Up on stepping foot on the island you will have friends waiting for you. Come and walk the mountains with us, collect wild spices, make wine and cheese, collect olives and make olive oil, make tasty aboriginal food and cook it on wood, kayak the coast line and hide in small inlets and caves, or ride the waves sailing in the open sea side by side with the Cretan dolphins. Eat, drink, and dance with us. Hear local stories and say your own. Be part of a different world.



K. Karamanli 4, 72300, Sitia


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